3 Things To Love About Writing

February 26, 2016
Evening writing

Evening writing

Writing is an art form that, like many others, can take you through a whirlwind of emotions from exhilaration to frustration and back again quickly. Unquestionably, there is no lack of things to love about an activity that allows you to unzip the skin of the routine representative that you have learned to be, the politically correct, honest and kind person that everyone knows and loves and step out into the world in all of your raw and feral glory.

The month of love has not yet come to a close and the most valuable things to love about writing are poking me for acknowledgement.

Freedom: Writing allows you to be free. It makes for a safe place to escape the innocent, but monotonous confines that make us who we are in everyday life. While we as real people living in a strict reality have boundaries and standards, our characters are not bound by the same chains. Though at times it can be as frightening as it is exhilarating, these characters unlock the chains of reality and set us completely loose on the unsuspecting world.

Perspective: Writing gives broad allowances to tell the story in whatever manner the story demands. We are able to truly get inside of the head of the person standing next to us and see the world as they see it. The story can be told through the eyes of God, a child or even a mouse. It can be told with journal entries, from the mouth of a man on his death bed or with letters from incarcerated mother to daughter all with their own creative styles and story shaping perspectives.

Communication: Expression is one of the best aspects of writing. Writing is a passionate, but thoughtful form of expression. When speaking or debating, emotions can run high and words can be delivered without thought, but words on paper are always carefully calculated in order to express precise ideas and communication is what writing is all about.

As the month of love passes don’t forget the reasons why you love the craft.

Jean Nicole Rivers

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